Q: What age limits are there to climbing?

A: We like to say that if you can walk, you can climb!  That being said, additional safety measures are in place for those little ones coming to the gym with their parents.  Those under the age of 13 will need to be supervised while climbing by a Rock Out programming instructor (ie/ on the team, afterschool program, or a summer camp) or accompanied by an adult.  We offer a quick training session for the adults that will be supervising their children in the facility.  We also recommend reading the articles linked below.  As far as how old is too old, once again, if you can walk, you can climb!

What to wear

Q: What clothing should I wear when showing up to climb?

A: We like to be comfortable when we climb.  Our facility is climate controlled; however, climbing can be a rigorous activity.  We frequently open the big doors and turn on the fans to feel like we are outside; although, we like to keep it buttoned up and comfortable on those scorching summer days.  We recommend comfortable fitting clothing with "stretchy" materials.  Shorts and a T-Shirt are perfectly acceptable.  Be prepared to see women in sports bras with athletic shorts, bare chested men with rippling muscles and shorts, and although we won't turn anyone away for wearing jeans, they're likely to get some sideways looks!  If you plan on renting a pair of our awesome Evolv climbing shoes, please bring a pair of socks with you as they are required.  If you forgot them, we'll have you covered with a pair for a buck.

We Love REI, and think they do a great job of outfitting people for adventure activities, so check out this article which has a section on clothing as well as some other good topics.


Q: I've never climbed before, can I still come in and Rock Out?

A: We have a lot of people showing up for their first climbing experience.  Rock Out Climbing Gym is a Bouldering gym meaning there are no ropes or harnesses.  We have a variety of terrain and difficulty levels from the very basic to the more extreme.  During our facility orientation, we will show you how to fall properly (although we encourage down climbing), explain what the difficulty levels are, and get you climbing in no time!  We also offer classes during the week for beginners and those looking to take their climbing to the next level.  You do not need any special gear but see above for clothing recommendations.  






Q: Do you offer top rope and lead climbing?

A: We are a bouldering gym which means there are no ropes, harnesses, or belay devices used.  Our walls are 16 feet tall, and 15 feet above the 12 inches of padded flooring beneath the climbing surfaces.  We teach every one who comes to the gym the proper way to fall, we encourage down climbing, and we always recommend just climbing the routes and not falling!  Don't worry if you're "afraid of heights", you can climb as high as you are comfortable, and still be incredibly challenged.  

Q: What forms do I need to fill out?

A: We have links to our digital waivers to complete before you arrive, you can print one out and bring it with you (recommended for those under 18 needing a Parent/Guardian signature as well as a copy of photo ID if the Parent/Guardian is not present), or you can fill one out at one of our iPad Kiosks in the gym.