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These should be the first smiling faces you see when you enter the facility, and the welcoming voices you hear when calling Rock Out Climbing Gym!



tyler is our newest addition to the team at rock out climbing gym. she started climbing on and off in 2018 and in early 2019 caught the climbing bug! tyler loves to work out and has earned a Bachelors degree in exercise science. you can find her wearing a pair of la sportiva tarantulas and carrying her coral black diamond mojo chalk bag filled with friciton labs magic sphere. tyler is not just a welcome addition to our team, but also to the growing community at rock out climbing gym.



Colin came to us from Michigan via new Hampshire.  he has been climbing since December of 2018 and once he moved to the destin area he quickly found the finest climbing facility on the emerald coast!  Colin’s favorite part about the gym is the comradery everyone shares.  we’re pretty sure he knew every member’s name within his first couple weeks of working here.  colin can be found wearing his black diamond momentum shoes, hanging with the other members, and having a blast working problems.      



sean has been climbing at rock out since we opened in 2017. he started route setting with us last year and his routes quickly became very popular! sean is all in now as an employee with one of his sons in our youth climbing club. his routes keep getting better the more he climbs outside. He can be found wearing his Five tens or la sportiva otakis and always wearing a smile behind that beard. sean will be getting cwi certified in our next class and you can expect more of his routes to be filling the gym.



SARAH IS OUR MOST RECENT CONVERT FROM GYM MEMBER TO STAFF MEMBER! SHE STARTED CLIMBING HERE IN July of 2018 and became a member later in 2018. she not only climbs but is also a photographer when she is not ringing up guests or chalking up to climb. she can be found wearing her red chili spirit shoes and carrying her amc panda bear chalk bag filled with friction labs chalk of course. you can also usually find sarah at one of our women’s climbing circle nights cheering on the ladies and showing them how it’s done.

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 Summer has been with Rock Out Climbing Gym since we opened in June of 2017 (ROUND HERE WE CALL HER THE O.G.)!  She quickly fell in love with the sport of Bouldering. She is from Destin and is currently attending Full Sail University studying digital cinematography.

Summer began route setting in early 2018 and has been setting in the gym regularly since Winter of 2018. When not wearing her favorite color "Rock Out Orange", you can find her in a pair of lA Sportiva Tarantulas, Evolv Shakras, or La Sportiva Oxygyms and carrying her 8b+ chalk bucket "Herman" filled with Friction Labs Unicorn Dust (not pictured...) Summer is a certified CWA Climbing Wall Instructor and belays children for our Kinder Klimb program every other Saturday.

Summer is now the Assistant Manager in the gym and has moved from behind the Welcome Desk to regularly walking the gym floor maintaining order. She also is a member of the Ladies Climbing Coalition and runs Women’s Climbing Circle every first Friday of the month here at Rock Out. Keep an eye out for Summer and her routes which are getting harder every day!





 The first time Josh walked into a climbing gym in 2000 he was instantly hooked.  He was labeled a "gym rat" right from the start! For the next three years, all he did was breath chalk dust, eat cliff bars and climb on plastic.  His motivation was and still is unsurpassed.
  He soon started making up boulder problems to keep himself psyched.  Without ever picking up a wrench or tap, his routes were loved by the community.  That gym owner then took him as a protege and started showing him the basics of "good" course setting.
  With a strong foundation under his belt, he started venturing out on his own to areas in the Northeast like Rumney, NH and the Gunks in NY.  Through the next couple of years he would find his forte in bouldering.  Places like Hueco Tanks, TX and Rocktown, GA brought his bouldering and routesetting to the next level.
  Josh is a CWI Instructor/Provider, USA Climbing Level-1 Setter, and a USA Climbing Coach.  He finds his passion in setting and coaching for the next generation of climbers, as they use their mind and body to find solutions to the world class routes here at Rock Out Climbing Gym!

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 Climbing since 2007, Ken has climbed at facilities all over the world.  He is an Air Force Navigator with thousands of instructor hours and over 10 years instructing at formal training units.  

 Ken started climbing while involved in scouting and is an Eagle Scout.  He began gym climbing in New Mexico in 2007 at Stone Age Climbing Gym.  He is a National Outdoor Leadership School Certified Outdoor Educator and Leave No Trace Master Instructor as well as a Climbing Wall Association Climbing Wall Instructor. 

 Ken has been under the tutelage of Josh learning Route Setting since Rock Out Climbing Gym opened in 2017.  Although you can usually find him in the back office paying bills, occasionally you will spot him wearing a pair of climbing shoes and a smile!