Find links to our digital waivers below.  You can fill the waiver out before you get to the gym with our e-sign function, or print out the waiver to sign and bring with you.  If you can't do either, we offer both options in the gym as well.  


E-Sign Waiver

Click here to input your information, e-sign, and submit your waiver to the gym.  When you show up to climb, just let the front desk staff know you filled out the e-sign waiver, provide your name and identification, and they will be able to pull up the form.  You will need an email address to verify the form before it is submitted to our database.  

Print and sign

Click here to view a .pdf of our waiver to print, sign, and bring with you to the gym.  

in person.jpg

at the gym

Whether you are uncomfortable with e-sign, you didn't have a printer, or just couldn't get the thing to work, we can take care of everything when you show up to the gym.  Just remember that individuals under 18 will need a parent/guardian present, or need them to have signed the form and sent a copy/picture of their photo id.