Member Spotlight w/ Zach McArdle

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Zach McArdle

Member Spotlight

How long have you been a member at Rock Out and when did you begin climbing?

I had no prior experience in rock climbing before becoming a member at Rock Out in August 2017 but have always had an interest in doing it (too bad it wasn't here 15 years ago)

What is your favorite thing about your climbing community?

I enjoy the inclusiveness that comes from everyone sharing a common goal. Even though we all climb at different levels it's always great to see people cheering for someone who is trying their hardest at their climb. 

What is the biggest climbing challenge you’ve had to overcome?

Recognizing that my body doesn't recover like it used to and figuring out how to push it enough to see progress but avoid injury at the same time. 

What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining Rock Out?

For them to at least come and try it out with a day pass. It is a fun way to get a workout in while also using your brain to solve the problem you are climbing. As someone who practically collects hobbies this is one of the more affordable ones and it's nice that it's not weather dependent with it being indoors.