Floating and Why It's a Good Compliment to Climbing


Floating is a peaceful, tranquil activity perfect for relaxing after climbing. Float therapy is gaining in popularity, but seeing pictures of people floating in a pod seems kind of freaky and may leave you wondering: what is float therapy anyway?

Float therapy is one of the most effective healing therapies being offered today. The water is skin temperature (about 93.5 degrees fahrenheit) and contains so much epsom salt you float automatically (the water is denser than the dead sea). All sensory experiences are void- you do not experience gravity, sight, sound, or touch.

Studies found the following benefits from float therapy.

  • Enhance athletic performance and shorten muscle recovery time

  • Strengthen the immune system, speed healing, and alleviate pain

  • Relieve anxiety and stress

  • Reset your biological clock, improve sleep, and overcome jet lag

  • Reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen consumption

  • Deepen meditation

  • Increase creativity and problem solving

Since climbing is an intense, muscle straining sport, it is wise to pair it with a soothing, relaxing activity. Float therapy is perfect for this, and Destin has its very own float therapy spa- Float Bros Spa in Destin. Be sure to check them out and enjoy the numerous benefits of floating!

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