Build a High Performance Team

Finding fun and creative ways to team build is a crucial part of any successful company team. Team building helps with bonding, morale, and can improve overall job performance. Rock climbing is a great tool for company team building - it’s adventurous, encourages rapport, and requires creative problem solving. Below is a list of why your company should plan your next team building at Rock Out Climbing Gym.

Fosters a Good Support System and Communication


Rock climbing requires team members to rely on each other for help while solving problems through body movement the course. This can help create kinship and trust among employees. It also helps the team learn how to effectively communicate with each other as they problem solve. Co-workers will work towards a unified goal and accomplish challenges together during this these activities.

Strengthen Problem Solving Skills


Getting up a route course is no easy task (they’re called problems for a reason). Climbers must skillfully navigate the terrain in order to reach the top. Your team will learn invaluable problem solving skills here as they work their way through the activities course.

Helps Find Creative Solutions

Since the courses challenges are difficult, team members will be encouraged to thinking creatively in order to find solutions. This creative thought process will translate into their jobs. Environments where people are forced to access the creative parts of their brain allows them to come up with creative solutions easier in everyday life.

Improve Morale

Since rock climbing is naturally super fun, this activity will help boost morale. Teammates will exercise together, fall together, and laugh together.  Most importantly, they will succeed and fail together. The teamwork combined with adventurous climbing is a sure way to bring morale to an all-time high.

Individually Tailored


No two teams are the same, and Rock Out Climbing Gym handles each team building activity differently based on the needs and make-up of the team.  The team lead will be presented with a survey before the event and Rock Out Climbing Gym will determine the type and number of exercises to meet the team goals and facilitate learning.  Rock Out Climbing Gym almost always creates new exercises specifically tailored to a scenario the team may face during normal work activity to ensure transference of learning.   


Rock Out Climbing Gym is an indoor bouldering gym with levels from beginner to pro. All skill levels can enjoy bouldering here, which makes it the perfect place to bring a company team for team building! 

Each team building session includes a pre-brief, execution of all modules, and a debrief all led by Rock Out Climbing Gym instructors.  Additionally, the Rock Out Climbing Gym conference room is available for use after the event has concluded for a team specific debrief. 


Kenneth Sheyka – Owner

Climbing Wall Instructor, National Outdoor Leadership School Outdoor Educator, Leave No Trace Master Instructor, Air Force Flying Instructor with over 2,000 hours of instruction and 10+ years of instruction.

Joshua Appleman – Manager, lead Climbing Instructor

 17 years climbing, 10+ years of climbing instruction, route setting, and coaching. Head route setter, head coach, manager.