All Your "Thanksending" Questions Answered

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What is USA Climbing?

The morning portion of our Thanksending comp is part of a USA Climbing sanctioned event. USA Climbing is the national governing body of the sport of competition climbing in the United States. As a 5013 non-profit, they promote three competition disciplines; bouldering, sport climbing, and speed.

Who can enter the Thanksending Comp?

Anyone not eligible for the USA Climbing sanctioned competition categories (17 yrs. old and above). All levels of skill and proficiency are welcome and competitions are usually great social venues for meeting new people and learning from others.

What happens at a climbing competition? It’s my first.

Registration is required either prior to the event (usually discounted) or day of. Once you check in, you will receive a score card or be given the web address of the digital scoring platform. You will get the scoring breakdown and the distribution of point values as well as the rules. Early arrival is encouraged for route preview to get the lay of the land. Climbing shoes are required, and we not only sell snacks and drinks, but also usually have a food truck selling coffee and killer eats.

OK.. So, how do I WIN?!

We run a redpoint classic format for our competition. This means that each problem has an assigned point value, and you have to send the route all the way to the finish to get the points. Our judging staff will watch you climb and log your scores. You can attempt the problem as many times as you want, just track how many times you fall (for tie breakers). A running tally of your points will be scrolling on the TV racked and stacked with the other competitors. At the end of the competition, your top five scored problems will be used for your total point value and the winners will be designated using those point values.

Which category should I enter?

Our categories are broken down using a range of difficulty levels and are as follows for both Men and Women separately:

Beginner (V0-V2)

Intermediate (V3-V5)

Advanced (V6+)

When signing up, realize that if you perform well above the category you selected, you will be bumped up to the next category based on point value (this prevents sandbagging). You will not; however, be bumped down if you perform poorly in the category you enrolled in.

I’m new and I just watch since I’m not that experienced.

There is nothing like a competition to feel the surge of adrenaline and drive you past your perceived limits. You never know who will sign up or get bumped out of the category, so just giving it a shot is worth it.

Are there cash and prizes for winners?

All of our winners (first, second, and third) in each category will receive cash or gift cards to Rock Out. Additional swag will be awarded to winners of different categories.

We also hold a raffle with a ton of great products from both local and national contributors to our event. Think: Crash Pad, Climbing Shoes, Approach Shoes, etc…

I’m still not sold on competing, I just wanna watch.

If you’re nursing an injury and can’t climb, or for whatever reason do not feel up to the competition, don’t worry. Spectators are FREE for our event, we just ask that you have a waiver on file. Additionally, we will have food and beverages for sale and donation. Cheering is encouraged, but please do not shout beta to people while they are climbing.

When can I climb if I’m not in the competition?

Our gym will be open for regular climbing after the competition, awards, and raffle have concluded. We will have half price day passes for after the comp, and all competitors are welcome to stay and keep working projects.