Rock Out Youth Program

Benefits of Joining the Youth Program

Climbing can be an exciting way for kids to expel energy and connect with each other. Climbing builds muscle and mental focus, both great things to teach from a young age. Listed below is why we think our Youth Program is beneficial for any kid aged 9 to 17.

Innagural Class, Fall 2017 !!!

Innagural Class, Fall 2017 !!!

  • Studies show that kids need a healthy form of physical activity. Climbing is a unique way for kids to be active and is an enjoyable exercise they will look forward to every week.

  • Since we have two groups (9-12 and 13-17), our Youth Program can help kids connect with others in their age group. This program is not through a school, so kids can befriend others they might never have encountered. Coming together with a common interest as awesome as climbing is sure to create supportive and fun friendships.

  • It can be a great alternative for kids who don’t prefer traditional team sports. Climbing is an individual sport, but our program allows like-minded kids to work together to reach their individual goals.

  • Learning this skill at a young age might spark an interest to last a lifetime since a passion for climbing is not hindered by age. On top of that, they can look up to adults for inspiration on where the sport can take them.

When push comes to shove, climbing is just plain fun! Who wouldn’t want to climb rocks with a group of friends? If interested, check out our events page to sign up!