Rock Out Member Boulder League (R.O.M.B.L.)

Why You Should Join Rock Out’s Adult Bouldering League

Climbing is more than a physical activity, it builds a community. People of all ages, skill-sets, and backgrounds can come together to learn and grow from each other. That being said, Rock Out offers an Adult Bouldering League. Below is a list of why this league might just be the perfect fit for you.

Reigning Mens Champ, Chris Panagacos in Hueco  Photo Credit @ Appleman 2017

Reigning Mens Champ, Chris Panagacos in Hueco

Photo Credit @ Appleman 2017

  • A climbing gym can be an overwhelming experience. Ripped people climbing sixteen foot walls can be daunting to enter alone. Joining a league provides an easy way to connect with others in the gym, and find that those skilled climbers are not as intimidating as they may seem.

  • While climbing is an independent sport, sharing and learning from others is an enriching experience. This sport becomes infinitely better the more people you share it with. Furthermore, support and encouragement in the gym often translates to all aspects of life.

  • If you are a new climber, this whole world is a lot to learn on your own. All climbers know what it’s like to be new and inexperienced, so joining a league gives you a place to start with a community who understands what it’s like to be in your (climbing) shoes.

Joining a league ultimately breaks down the walls we create between each other. If you want to take climbing to the next level, we highly encourage you check out our six week long Adult Bouldering League! (Check out more information on how to get plugged in.)